Where could you use a breakthrough?  (Life, Relationships, Body/Health, Career, Spiritual, Financial, etc.)  When you align your head with your heart, break-throughs are only natural. 

Whether you’re looking for a massive change or greater self-awareness in one or more areas of life, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll teach you simple tools to help align your head with your heart so that you can release the limiting BS (Belief Systems), start taking action without all the resistance, and start living the life you dream.  It’s not only possible, but a by-product of being the divine natural you.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs, trainings, and tools to help you jump start your natural breakthrough.

Kathy is gifted at what she does! She is an amazing soul who loves to serve others, takes the time to listen, and truly cares for your success! Clarity, solutions, inspiration, & authenticity all wrapped in one.

Ramona Cee

CEO & Founder of True Self

Clarity, Solutions, Inspiration, & Authenticity.

“Kathy is so amazing! She has a natural gift for helping others, especially when it comes to getting unstuck. When I got to a place where I felt like I needed clarity and direction to move my business forward, I connected with Kathy and she helped me nail down my marketing pieces to attract my ideal clients. Literally, idea after idea kept coming from her and in hardly any time at all, I had crystal clarity on my next steps. She will save you precious time and energy so you can stop spinning your wheels and go back to focusing on the things that really matter. Kathy is amazing! I can’t say it enough.”
– Jenny-Lyn Allen
Life and Marriage Empowerment Coach

Kathy helped me nail down my marketing pieces to attract my ideal clients.