Hi!  I’m Kathy Heinsohn,  a student and lover of life, a personal development junkie, and a Mind/Body/Soul Coach.  If you look at my social media feed, you’ll see a lot of inspiration and positive mindset.  While I’ve always had a tendency to look for the good in everyone and everything, I didn’t always see it in myself.  I’ve had a pretty rough journey for a good part of my life, struggling with health challenges that doctors had no idea how to help me.  I would literally break out in hives if I itched myself too much, if there was any perfumes around, any scents, road construction (which for living in Utah, the winter seemed the only time they didn’t have construction going on), laundry detergents, and so on.  I had way too much toxicity and leaky gut going on that I was extremely sensitive to environmental chemicals, but that wasn’t figured out until I was in college.

I’ve struggled with autoimmune issues (Hashimotos and Celiac Disease) since I was in jr. high (before they tested routinely for celiac or gluten sensitivity).  I was always complaining of a tummy ache (although doctors had no clue what to do with me or what was wrong until I was finally diagnosed in college in 2004 with Celiac).   I felt crummy, bloated, and could literally gain 10lbs in a day from inflammation if I had pizza or pasta, so I just lived without them.  Little by little, I was led down a path of holistic wellness and healing.

Through my journey, I discovered that food really is medicine.  I can literally be sick all the time by what I put in my body, or I can be healthy and feel better by eating clean whole foods (mostly plant base for me).  I threw out all the chemicals in the form of beauty and self-care products and adopted a new way of living.  A natural way of living that felt incredibly empowering and freeing.  I’ve also learned that most of my symptoms were really my subconscious speaking to me.  My body had to speak so loud in symptoms because I ignored it most of the time.  I had created a life of living and caring for everyone else around me, while avoiding  and running from myself and the emotions I didn’t like feeling.  When things got so bad health-wise, I needed to make a massive lifestyle change.  And that began with listening to my heart.

I found emotional release work, energy work, and gathered quite a few certifications and tools along the way.  I have a passion for helping others find solutions to their problems and seeing them massively change their lives for the better.  Whether it’s an emotional/mood issue (depression or anxiety), PTSD, addictions, or physical symptoms (from fribromyalgia, other autoimmune disorders, cancer, or pain in the body), I love getting to dive deep into people’s subconscious beliefs and help them re-frame and shift.  It’s an amazing thing when we learn to listen to the subconscious and see how it’s been protecting us (through our symptoms, stress, and dis-ease).  When we learn to tune in and listen, and accept, and then love what’s inside, we begin to truly change and heal from the inside out.

I absolutely love my life now and the life I’m creating!